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Try Dives with Oxford Dive Centre

The first step for anyone looking to get into Scuba Diving is to try it! Here at the Oxford Dive Centre we offer a Try Dive experience for anyone who wants to give Scuba Diving a go. You will be sent a link to a DVD to watch in the comfort of your own home.  Meeting us at the pool you will then be led by one of our qualified staff and will be shown how the equipment works and then head to the pool for a minimum of an hour in the water, using the Scuba equipment and getting used to the unique experience of breathing underwater!


8 years of age or older
Must be able to stand in 1 metre of water
Must be able to swim unaided
Provide your own swimming gear and a towel (all equipment hire is included)
What can I expect?

From the introductory DVD, through the explanation of the equipment to taking your first breath underwater, our aim is to make you experience as enjoyable as possible. Typically you will spend an hour in the water with a short briefing on the side of the pool beforehand to re-cap what we have previously covered at the Dive Centre.

How much will it cost and what do I need to bring?

The Oxford Dive Centre Try Dive experience costs £50, and all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and your swimming gear. It is also recommended that you bring an old T-shirt to wear over your swimming gear.

If you are buying a Try Dive as a Gift use this link to allow the recipient to book their own suitable date.

If you know the date you would like to do your Try Dive use the button below to book.

Learn to dive with oxford dive centre try dives

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